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This item will be ordered from our distributor and then despatched to you so please allow 7 days for delivery.


Our new DMR Sidekick Balance bike is designed to be as stable as possible making the process of learning to ride a bike as natural as learning to walk… Our exclusive design features mixed wheel sizes (also known as a mullet bike) with 12” rear x 14” front. This mullet design gives important benefits for the budding new rider – your child will naturally make the transition from walking the bike to rolling gradually as they get to grips with balancing and steering.

Mullet wheelset creates easier rollover – the larger front wheel rolls over bumps etc more easily – less like to stall or upset the steering. The front fork / steering geometry can be made more stable [slower] helping control and aiding the learning process, building confidence.

The rider sits lower ‘in’ the bike with a lower centre of gravity aiding stability / balancing, the low foot platform is positioned out of the way of the scooting area providing a useful rest for when they get rolling.

That’s not all – our Sidekick Balance bike also features proper MTB all-terrain tyres by Vee Rubber, smaller-diameter bars and grips for smaller hands, lightweight quality aluminium frame ready for any pump track, and more. This is a true DMR dirt bike and will give your young ripper the best start to bicycle riding anywhere they want to go.

DMR - Sidekick - Balance Bike

  • Colour DMR White
    Weight 4.4kg
    Frame Lightweight aluminium frame
    Fork Lightweight aluminium fork
    Rims 16h Aluminium Rim. 12” Rear / 14” Front
    Hubs Sealed bearing with disc mount on rear. Recessed allen bolts
    Spokes 14g Black
    Tyres Vee Tire Crown Gem; 12”x2.25” rear / 14”x2.25” front
    Seatpost/Saddle DMR lightweight one-piece combo saddle
    Handlebar DMR 6061 aluminium bar; 460mm wide, 50mm rise, 6 degree back sweep
    Stem DMR lightweight stem; 30mm reach
    Headset 1 1/8” EC34
    Grips DMR Super Skinny 17mm
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